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If you are indeed looking for a money-making opportunity, that is simple and will help you sustain a great life, you have to check out the amazing earning potential that email marketing can offer you. The earning potential is virtually limitless. That IS amazing!

1) First, enter your email subject line. Keep it short, under 50 characters is recommended, no more is really nessessary as all the subject line is for is to get people to open your email. A boring subject line will result in a lower email open rate. Be creative.

2) Second, replace the URL with your ad tracker URL. If you're not using an ad tracker then you will never know how many people are clicking on your link in your email. You MUST put the URL in this field in the same format as is shown, a properly entered URL begins with http:// and NOT www. - When you use www. your links are usually not clickable in emails. This URL MUST be the same URL that is in the ad body. If the URL does not match the URL in the ad body your ad will be discarded.

3) Third, select your target market by clicking on one of the radio buttons. If you so desire you can click on all the radio buttons for the biggest blast, however the larger the submission the more failed submissions you receive. In other words if you submit to a single category you will sometimes reach more people than if you submit to all categories. This is completely dependant on the server load when you click the submit button on the next page.

4) Fourth, enter your ad body, you can advertise ONE URL or ONE CLICKABLE LINK per ad. The URL or CLICKABLE LINK that you put into the URL field must be shown in your ad exactly as it is in the URL field. If it is different or if you use additional URLs in your ad it will be discarded. Our security system REQUIRES that you enter a properly formatted URL in the field and the same properly formatted URL in the ad, we do this to prevent adbots from posting to our leads and causing mass unsubscribes. Do not put your email address in the body of the ad, this will count as a second CLICKABLE LINK and the submission will be discarded.

5) Fifth, select from the two radio buttons whether your ad body is to be sent as HTML or text. It is recommended that you use text ads as all email protocols can display a text ad properly but NOT all email protocols display HTML ads properly.

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